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Kelichia is a multi-talented entrepreneur and author. She's come a long way from the little girl who grew up in Newport News, Virginia. She aims to fulfill her dreams of being a well-known writer, long-standing beauty industry expert, advocate for domestic violence awareness, flourishing entrepreneur and well-being innovator.

Kelichia grew up in the presence of  entrepreneurial parents and family members. Kelichia graduated from Denbigh High School with an advanced diploma. She also graduated from New Horizons Regional Education Center and earned her licensure for Cosmetology, where she was recognized as Student of the Year.


Shortly after graduation, she became a teen mother and a victim of domestic abuse. She was abused for the beginning years of her young adulthood. After three and a half years of physical, emotional, and social abuse, she decided to fight harder for her and her children's lives. She broke free and left her abuser for good. 

Kelichia joined the United States Army in September 2001, following 9/11. She excelled in her military career and found herself writing her life story at the end of her 2005 deployment to Iraq. She published her first book in 2007: The Men That Stole My Soul. The book continues to receive rave reviews, and it continues to help others who may have suffered or may be suffering an abusive relationship.


Kelichia uses her platform to educate people about the importance of knowing the signs of an abusive situation. She empowers her listeners and readers to believe in their dreams and know their worth. Her self-help book, Begin by Being: Living for the Happy Factor, highlights key elements that assist others to find what it is that makes them happy and fulfilled in life. 

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